Invisible Barriers to Healing – Derek Prince: God provides healing as part of the atoning work of Jesus on the cross. But what do you do when you don’t see the healing manifest in the physical realm?

Derek Prince discloses six common barriers to healing—and how to overcome them.

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Table of Contents:
I. Common Barriers To Receiving Healing
A. Ignorance (Is. 5:13; Hos. 4:6)
“Oh, God, I acknowledge that in many ways I am ignorant of Your Word and of
Your will through my own fault. Right now, God, I confess this as a sin. I repent
of it. I ask You to forgive me and to help me seek the truth more diligently from
this time forward. In Jesus’ Name.”
B. Unbelief (Heb. 3:12–13)
“Oh, God, I come to You in Jesus’ Name, and I confess my sin of unbelief. I do
not try to excuse it. I am responsible for it. I am sorry for it. I ask You to forgive
me and to deliver me from it and impart to me Your faith. I want to declare: I
believe in God the Father, I believe in Jesus Christ His Son, I believe in God the
Holy Spirit, and I believe in the Bible—the true, authoritative Word of God. I
believe, Lord Jesus, what you said, “God’s Word is the truth.” Amen.”
C. Unconfessed sin (Prov. 28:13) [Ask God to reveal any areas of unconfessed sin]
“Oh, God, I acknowledge I am sorry. Forgive me, cleanse me in the blood of
Jesus. Thank you for forgiving me, God. I receive your forgiveness. Now, God,
because You have forgiven me, I forgive myself.”
D. Resentment and unforgiveness toward others (Mark 11:25)
“Holy Spirit, I ask You now in Jesus’ Name to speak to my heart and show me
areas of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness and make me willing to forgive.
If there has been any resentment in my heart—any unforgiveness, any bitterness—
I renounce it now. I lay it down. If anyone has ever harmed me or wronged me, I
forgive them now, as I would have God forgive me. Lord, I forgive them in Your
Name, and I believe You forgive me. Thank you, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.”
E. Occult involvement (Ex. 23:24–26):
1. Fortune-telling
2. Ouiji board
3. Horoscopes
4. Superstition
5. Rock music
6. Drugs, etc.
“Lord, if I have ever been involved in the occult, even ignorantly, whatever it was,
I confess it as a sin and I renounce it. I ask You to forgive me and I commit myself
now that never again will I be involved in those things. Forgive me, Lord, and
release me from their influence. Right now. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”
F. Freemasonry (Ex. 23:32):
1. False religious system
2. Royal Arch Degree – The god Jabulon (Ja = Jehovah, bul = Baal, on =
Osiris). This is an abomination in the sight of the Lord.
3. One example: Woman with baby, six weeks old, that would not take
nourishment (girl’s father was a Freemason). Baby took three full bottles after
curse broken.
“Lord Jesus Christ, I want to serve You and love You. If there is in my life (or in
my family) a curse of Freemasonry or any other cult, I ask You to release me and
forgive me and break its power over me right now. In Jesus’ Name.”
G. Effects of a curse over a family:
1. Mental and emotional breakdown
2. Repeated and chronic sicknesses (especially hereditary)
3. Repeated miscarriages or female problems, barrenness, etc.
4. Breakdown of marriage and family alienation
5. Continuing financial insufficiency
6. Accident prone
7. Suicides or unnatural deaths
“Thank you, Lord Jesus, that on the cross You were made a curse that I might be
redeemed from the curse and enter into the blessing. And because of what You
did, Lord Jesus, in Your precious Name I release myself from every curse over me
and my family and I claim the blessing that You purchased for me with Your
blood. Thank you, Lord Jesus.”
H. Evil spirits associated with sickness (Luke 4:40–41). Direct cause of sickness:
1. Spirits of infirmity, crippling, pain
2. Curvature of the spine
3. Spirit of death (Look on dark side of things, morbidity, dressing darkly)
“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” (Ps. 118:17)
I. Ministry to the sick (Mark 16:18)
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