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Some time later, Jesus went up to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish festivals….The man went away and told the Jewish leaders that it was Jesus who had made him well. John 5:1-15


Every encounter with Jesus is life changing. Here again we witness an encounter that ends in the restoration and healing of a lame man. A very encouraging story as after 38 years of lameness, the Lord showed up and brought this man back to real life. Time is not an issue for our God. No matter how long you have been in a given situation, stand firm and continue to trust in the Lord for your deliverance. This lame man was not even expecting a visitation from Jesus and yet the healing grace of God was extended to him; how much more should God hear you who continuously cry out to Him and deliver you. No situation need be permanent unless God Himself said so. This question “do you want to get well?” is always extended to all of us at any time. The answer is not a simple yes, but like this lame did, we must join action to our answer.up!Pick up your mat and walk.” And at Jesus word, he was made whole, completely restored. Jesus has not changed, His power has not diminished, His compassion has not ended. He can make you well even today. 

Every encounter with Jesus is life changing. Here again we are witnessing an encounter which ends in the restoration and healing of a paralytic . A very encouraging story because after 38 years of paralysis , the Lord came forward and brought this man back to real life. Time is not a problem for our God. No matter how long long you are in a given situation , stay firm and continue to trust in the Lord for your deliverance . This handicapped man  did not even expect a visitation from Jesus and yet the healing grace of God was granted to him ; how much more should God hear you , you who continually cry out to  him and deliver you . No situation needs to be permanent unless God Himself has said so . _ This question ” do you want to heal ?” is always extended to all of us at all times. The answer is not a simple yes , but as this man did , we we must match the action with our response . Jesus said to him , “ Get up ! Take your mat and walk . And at the word of Jesus, he was healed , completely restored . Jesus did not change , his power did not diminish , his compassion did not cease . He can heal you even today . 

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