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I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. John 12:46


Unbelief is like a disease that is difficult to cure. Despite all that Jesus performed as miracles, many were still difficult to get on board with God’s plan for their lives. For Jesus Himself said that He was first sent to the Jews for their deliverance. And yet, many who even believed had hard time coming out of the closet because they were afraid of what people will say. The word clearly says that “they love human praise more than praise from God.” This is a very serious and subtle issue that many face today. Christian on Sunday and not so Christian during the week. The time has come for us to stand for who we are and the truth that we claim to believe in. Jesus is the light and his disciples must be children of light. In fact, we are called the light of the world; and this light must shine everywhere we go. 

L’incrédulité est comme une maladie difficile à guérir. Malgré tous les miracles accomplis par Jésus, beaucoup avaient encore du mal à epouser le plan de Dieu pour leur vie. Car Jésus lui-même a dit qu’il avait d’abord été envoyé aux Juifs pour leur délivrance. Et pourtant, beaucoup de ceux ont cru avaient du mal à se devoiler car ils avaient peur de ce que les gens diront. La parole dit clairement qu’ils aiment les louanges des hommes plus que les louanges de Dieu”. C’est un problème très grave et subtil auquel beaucoup sont confrontés aujourd’hui. Chrétien le dimanche et moins chrétien la semaine. Le moment est venu pour nous d’etre authentique et de marcher dans la verite. Jésus est la lumière et ses disciples doivent être des enfants de lumière. En fait, nous sommes appelés la lumière du monde ; et cette lumière doit briller partout où nous allons. 

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Further Reading/ Lecture supplementaire: 

John 12:37-50 / Jean 12:37-50 

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